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Sally Cornwell
SkySong Pottery
774 Pleasant Valley Road
Wolfeboo, NH 03894

I was first introduced to clay in art classes in high school and college, but it wasn't until I left college that I really explored the medium. When I returned home from school I started taking classes with a local functional potter who had studied in Osaka, Japan. Over the next 15 years the classes developed into an apprenticeship, a friendship and, eventually, shared studio space. During that time I also got married, had two kids, got divorced, worked part-time and was training myself as a naturalist working with Elementary school aged children, so my pottery was more of a hobby, an artistic release. I sold through a couple of local galleries and made gifts for friends and family. In 1996 I got remarried and we built a new studio in our home. With the convenience and luxury of my own space I began to work more and to explore the melding of my two selves - the potter and the naturalist. I also began to teach classes and the excitement and innocence of the students led me to start questioning my perceived limitations of the clay. I soon became a member of the League of NH Craftsmen and was making work for galleries and doing 12+ shows a year from Boston and New York to Philadelphia and Washington. A few years ago, my husband, who is my assistant (mixing glazes and doing firings) and critic, had some health problems which caused me to pull back from my production. I no longer do craft shows and my work is only in a few League shops, at Vessels Gallery, and in our own shop (my husband is also a chocolatier!).

These past few years I like the work I am making more and more. Working with some of the oldest techniques in pottery - pinch, slab and coil - I feel the life in the clay coming through more clearly, and in my singing marble bowls it is starting to find its voice.

A Brief Biography of Sally