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This spring I was honored to have my work in an exhibition for the blind and visually impaired called “Art Beyond Sight”. It made me think about how we as a society approach art and craft – we are admonished to look but not touch, but that wouldn’t work in this case.  In making pieces for the show I was challenged to mold clay in a very different way, one that would engage those senses “beyond sight”. With these “Singing Marble Bowls” I encourage you to look, yes, but more than that, to touch and to listen!

“Singing Marble Bowls”

Place a bowl in the palm of your hand. Close your eyes. Feel the texture of the outside of the bowl, the smoothness of the glaze within, the round marbles. Slowly rotate the bowl to get the marbles rolling. Notice the vibrations as they move. Listen to the song the bowl sings.

These pots are meant to be held!