We have many people asking us about the health and nutritional aspects of chocolate. While there has been a great deal of press about dark chocolate as a health food and its ability to lower cholesterol and help with heart disease, the results often depend on who is paying for the study and how they structure the questions. There are a few things that are certain: chocolate triggers the release of endorphins in the brain creating a sense of euphoria; chocolate contains Theobromine, a chemical similar to caffeine without the addictive qualities; cocoa butter, the fat in chocolate, is a "good" cholesterol; and there is some evidence that it can help lower overall cholesterol levels. However, the research is based on consuming 3 ounces(one of our bars) of 70% dark chocolate a day. The thing to remember is that the other 30% of a 70% chocolate bar is sugar, or about 25 grams (2 tablespoons) per 3 ounce bar, and studies have not been conducted on the effects of the added sugar to the diet.

At Winnipesaukee Chocolates we view chocolate as an indulgence - one that can give great pleasure and, when eaten in moderation, should not be a concern for health or diet.

Because of the size of our business, we are not required to conduct a nutritional analysis of our chocolates, but, for those who are interested, we have provided the information below. These figures are based on general fact sheets provided by the US Department of Agriculture and do not reflect the specifics of the chocolates we use, nor do they take into account the inclusions (nuts, fruit, coffee, spices) that we add to our bars. This should only be considered a rough guide, based on categories of chocolate, and should not be used for specific dietary decisions. We have included a list of bars to which each table applies.

We hope you find this information helpful.

Sally & Jonathan

Dark Chocolate - up to 59%

Madame Chiang, Little Bear Island, Lake Wentworth, Sally's Gut, The Flume

Dark Chocolate 60 - 69%

Mount Washington, Black Cat Island, Sandwich Notch, The Witches, Kancamagus, Pumpkin Point, Rattlesnake Island, Castle in the Clouds, Mount Chocorua, Bench of Friendship

Milk Chocolate

Barndoor Island, Willey House, Cow Island, Mount Moosilauke, The Weirs, The Broads, Squam Lake, Old Man of the Mountain

White Chocolate

Lady of the Lake, Whortleberry Island, Glenn Ellis Falls

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